Sustainability & Fair Trade


Our goal is to create quality jewellery that is made to last. Timeless beauty and style, with just that little twist that will make you fall in love with a piece of jewellery that you will want to wear for a long time or pass on after many years.

You can call it “Slow Jewellery,” the opposite of fast fashion and fast-paced consumerism and items that we get tired of quickly.

 Did you know that fine stones have gone through hundreds of thousands of years since their formation in the heart of the earth? And Gold itself, beyond being a sublime material, is almost unalterable.

Owning a quality precious jewel made of noble and durable material means participating in responsible consumption: "buy less, better and for longer".


For several years, we have been working 100% with recycled gold, either from melting our own scrap or from existing parts, from a limited number of trusted suppliers. All members of the Responsible Jewellery Council they meet COC standards for ethical work, with minimal impact on the environment.

Today we are going further by working and recycling gold labelled as Fairtrade, which is gold initially extracted with higher requirements in terms of the working conditions of mining communities, or the use of chemicals in order to strictly limit the environmental consequences of mining on biodiversity and water quality.

Did you know that the global gold stock already mined for use in Jewellery (93 million tonnes in 2020) covers its needs beyond the next 60 years?


The designer behind the brand, Sandrine Domercq has a passion and an eye for colour,  and the know-how of a gemmologist trained at the rigor of the prestigious gemmology Gem-A School in London.

A 'Colormaniac' and Gem- addict, I enjoy working on colour compositions with their nuances and shapes, and checking each of my gemstones. They all come from a very limited number of trustworthy suppliers who I regularly visit and with whom I have worked in confidence for more than 15 years.”

 All our gemstones suppliers are committed to respecting the standards of the United Nations (Kimberley process) and the the Responsible Jewellery Council in terms of provenance, traceability and lapidary work.

We also recycle our stones!  We buy custom cut gemstones according to our strict needs. Some will find new life, cut into smaller sizes shapes when we decide to re-work some designs of our collections.